Sustainable innovations at Ferry Cottage

Environmentally responsible construction.

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The Ferry Cottage project seamlessly blends historic charm with cutting-edge environmental technologies to create a residence that stands as a beacon of eco-conscious building practices.

The Ferry Cottage project exemplifies a commitment to marrying historical preservation with modern sustainability, showcasing how innovative technologies and eco-friendly practices can be seamlessly integrated into heritage structures.

Dating back to the late sixteenth century, Ferry Cottage now serves as a testament to sustainable construction practices. This article explores the noteworthy sustainable features incorporated into the project.

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One of the project's key sustainable features is the implementation of underfloor heating powered by three air source heat pumps. This ensures optimal indoor comfort and significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional heating methods.

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The incorporation of three Tesla batteries for three-phase electricity not only enhances the energy efficiency of the residence but also charges the client's electric car. Furthermore, the project adopts grey water flushing toilets and a water butt system, showcasing a holistic approach to water conservation.

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The Ferry Cottage project proudly boasts 28 solar panels. This clean and renewable energy source not only reduces the environmental impact but also contributes to long-term cost savings.

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The decision to partially bury half of the house aids in temperature regulation, architects WWA thoughtfully integrating design with energy efficiency. The project showcases a dedication to repurposing materials, with reclaimed Yorkstone pavers and seventeenth-century floorboards finding new life within the residence.

Beyond these highlighted features, the Ferry Cottage project incorporates a myriad of sustainable elements. Throughout the structure, low-energy LED lightbulbs illuminate the space, emphasising a commitment to energy-efficient lighting solutions. Furthermore, the irrigation system for the garden, drawing water from a nearby stream, underlines the project's commitment to water conservation. Finally, the entire house operates without gas, marking a departure from conventional energy sources and embracing a fully electric and sustainable approach.

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