The complete works of Northend Farmhouse

Several carefully orchestrated phases of heritage restoration work, followed by a sustainable annexe conversion encore!

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Over the past decade, and across several work phases, Barr Group have carefully restored structural elements of Northend Farmhouse.

With its origins in the late 1300s and adaptions continuing over the preceding 700 years, Barr Group can only lay claim to the careful ‘making good’ of sections of the property, preserving it, we hope, for centuries to come.

Northend Farmhouse started life as a medieval ‘cruck-frame’ open-hall farmhouse, an early version of modern-day open-plan living! The long, tall space would have been used for living, eating and sleeping by both family and farm workers. There would have been an open fireplace at the centre of the room, letting smoke drift up into the rafters. Over time, additional storeys, wings, chimney stacks and subdivisions were added, every change and addition bringing a new layer of the property’s history, and each as precious as the last in terms of understanding the evolving building and lives of its inhabitants.

Today the property is a treasure trove of reminders of the property’s past life, from its 1600s red clay floor tiles in what would once have been the farmhouse kitchen to the two-panel raised and fielded connecting door which leads into the stair corridor, still with its period lock, brassware, and blacksmiths corner strapped hinges.

Over the past decade Barr Group have manufactured heritage-matched windows and doors for the property, repaired centuries-old joinery and panelling, sensitively adapted the upper storey into usable accommodation and undertaken a complete plumbing and electricals overhaul. In addition, bathrooms were renovated to the considered specification of Last Interior Design, a bespoke kitchen (carefully scribed into the old stone walls) was fitted and modern concrete floors were removed and replaced with limecrete, relieving damp issues and protecting the fabric of the property.

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Our most recent intervention, however, was not part of the farmhouse itself. In recent years, a timber-framed annexe and garaging was built in the grounds of Northend Farmhouse. Clad in feather-edged boarding, it had been built 30 years ago, without any meaningful insulation, and as such was rarely used. Last year, Barr Group were commissioned to upgrade the annexe for sustainable modern living. An air-source heat pump in the garage section would provide heating, alongside deep insulation, making the annexe a self-sufficient entity. The refurbishment plans included extending into the garden, allowing enough space for a separate bedroom, living room, kitchenette and bathroom within.

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The brick tiles for the patio were carefully matched and laid in a simple half bond format with traditional vertical edging.

The team were delighted to return to Northend Farmhouse, as always building to exacting standards. We thank our client for trusting us with the ongoing work phases and for allowing us to share its story.

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